About Sherrin

Improve Strategy Execution by Improving Your Strategic Planning Process

My Mission:
Help Leaders Succeed

No matter the venue or platform I’m serving from at a particular moment, my purpose remains the same: help leaders succeed. It’s the “Why?” supporting everything I do. This mission drives my relentless pursuit to productively challenge the mindsets of leaders and the processes they rely on. My framework encourages them to enlarge the vision of their organization’s impact on stakeholders, develop accountability systems that improve performance, and create strategies that promote sustainable growth.

When it comes to improving strategy execution, I believe it takes an adaptable planning framework that integrates a method to continually improve leadership and strategic thinking skills. Without this framework, preparing strategic plans becomes mere corporate activities that promise a lot but don’t deliver much, almost like having a map with no plotted route. I’ve spent over twenty years in the trenches developing, testing and applying such a framework.

I’ve spent my career helping leaders to be more effective, develop better strategies and be accountable for their results. Throughout my career as a CEO, Chief Strategy Officer, independent board director, attorney, and best-selling author, finding new ways to improve strategy execution has been the focal point of my work. My objective, “outsider” perspective, positions me to see obvious obstacles that familiarity could obscure. My specific experience and proprietary processes position me to see the hidden obstacles those who lack my framework may easily miss.

It’s the combination of my experiences, proprietary processes, and objective perspective that provide the value my clients recognize and appreciate. And when it comes to my passion as a speaker, helping the audience understand and develop better strategies is at the core of every talk. So, whether it’s in person or virtual, a keynote at a large conference, a workshop to a small group of leaders, facilitation of a company meeting, or training for a leadership team, I show up to do what is necessary to help leaders succeed.

If this resonates with you, we could be a match to work together. In that case, reach out to me, and let’s start a conversation that will be impactful for both of us.