Improving strategy execution starts
with improving your 
strategic planning

Sherrin Ingram's battle-tested process of “filtering” and vetting strategies has helped leaders improve their strategic planning process and enhance strategy execution for over two decades. Sherrin's process could be a missing component to improving your strategy execution. Contact Sherrin to find out!

– Chief Strategy Officer
– Master Facilitator
– Independent
   Board Director
– NACD Directorship 

– Board & ICF Certified

Sherrin Ingram is relentless about improving strategy execution! Her unique process of “filtering” and vetting strategies has helped over 1,000+ leaders improve their strategic planning process and enhance strategy execution. As a highly sought-after speaker and facilitator, she delivers her signature presentation titled “The Essence of Strategy” to a board of leaders or an association conference audience somewhere almost EVERY WEEK. 

From audiences of thousands to boardroom tables of a few and everything in between…

Sherrin’s Insights and Advice Deliver!

Dynamic Keynotes

Sherrin captivates audiences with her enthusiasm, outrageous humor and unforgettable honesty. You’re guaranteed a memorable experience that provides simple, proven, take-away tools that audience members can begin using immediately.

Actionable Workshops

Whether it is going deeper into the keynote topic or a stand-alone topic, Sherrin’s content-rich workshops and breakouts sessions provide actionable strategies and systems in a step-by-step format.

Planning Facilitation

Sherrin provides customized strategic planning facilitation that focuses on one or all phases of strategic planning… from developing actionable strategies to developing individual accountability plans to support strategy execution.

Actionable Insights and Original Expert Content
in Every Presentation

Sherrin says…

“Whether I am in the role of an independent board director, strategic planning facilitator,
or keynote speaker on strategy execution, my mission remains the same: help leaders succeed.

I challenge leaders to think more critically about their company vision, the culture needed
to support their strategies, and identify more blind spots in their strategy execution plans…

all to increase value for all stakeholders.”

Expert Media Interviews

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