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Public Webinars for
March 2013

Growing Your Business

The Top 5 Strategies for Making 2013
Your Most Profitable Year EVER!

It takes more than working hard and working smart to accelerate achievement of your goals. It takes working hard and working smart on the RIGHT STRATEGIES! If you’ve been working hard and working smart but not seeing the desired results, then you definitely don’t want to miss this webinar. Power Strategist Sherrin Ross Ingram will be serving up the top five most overlooked strategies for growing your business and advancing your career. In this information packed webinar, Sherrin will be revealing:

  • The components of a strategic marketing plan
  • Strategies that are rarely associated with business success
  • Meaningful steps you can begin doing to implement each strategy


How to Select the Right Keywords for
Web Sites and Promotional Materials:

Complete Step-By-Step Instructions

Selecting the right “keywords” is not only essential to attracting high quality traffic to your blog or web site, but to increasing successful responses to all of your promotional efforts. Why? One basic principle of marketing is true for all mediums: speaking the “language” of your target market exponentially increases your chances of converting them to customers. That’s why using an effective keyword selection process can give you a real advantage. If you are serious about increasing the impact of all of your promotional materials online and off, then join Sherrin to learn powerful techniques and a proven process for using keywords to attract and resonate with more targeted customers. In this information packed webinar, Sherrin will be revealing:

  • The best sources for identifying keywords your target market uses when searching for products and services like yours
  • The most effective process for selecting the right keywords for your purposes
  • How to validate the keywords you’ve identified
  • How your keywords can be used in your online and offline materials to enhance your results


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